Wednesday, February 11, 2015

About "Bands in the Bend"

Hi all,

I am Seth Umbaugh, writer, lead singer of TheTides and former lead singer of From The Rooftop, and, this blog, local music lovers, is a call to arms.

Here, you'll find information about upcoming shows in the South Bend area, reviews of new releases from local artists, and a forum for telling stories about your experience with local shows, sharing your opinion about your favorite local acts, and submitting your own original music. 

My experience with the South Bend music scene began in 2008, when several of my friends and I decided that the coolest thing any 17 year old could possibly do was start a band.

Turns out, we were right. We scraped and saved doing odd jobs around our parents’ houses, bought new gear, started a few bands, and played shows for kids who danced, laughed, and sang along.

Everyone involved made dozens of new friendships, connected with artists who encouraged and inspired them, and found it was possible not only to create, but to find acceptance of our creation among friends.

There was a sense of community like none I’ve ever known anywhere else.

Seven years later, most of those old friends of mine, and many new friends in local bands that we’ve met throughout the years, are still playing, but much of our audience has disappeared.

So, my message to you, lover of local music who has submitted to illegally downloading the music of artists you’ll never meet, is: I know you're still there. We're still here, too.

Keep reading for future updates and I'll see you at the show.


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